Amy's Energy Healing Library

Guided Audio Healing Sessions with
Amy B. Scher

Amy's Energy Healing Library

Amy's Guided Energy Healing Library is the perfect way to access healing, on demand. 

Each of the 48 sessions are guided by Amy personally, under 15 minutes, and holds your hand through clearing on the most important topics for emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Techniques include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Chakra Tapping, The Sweep, and more.

All audios are yours to keep and can be used over and over again.


Energy Healing Library sneak-peek: 

1) Detox from Other People's Energies (11 mins)
2) Clearing Lack of Energy (13 mins)
3) Stopping a Downward Spiral (11 mins)
4) Clearing Frustration with Self/Body (11 mins)
5) Feeling Anxious (14 mins)
6) Full Body Chakra Clearing (14 mins)
7) Calming the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response (12 mins)
8) Symptom Clearing Meditation (14 mins)
9) How to Honor Negative Emotions While Still Raising Our Vibration (15 mins)
10) Mini Stress Relief Session (12 mins)
11) Just Feeling Yucky (6 mins)
12) Clearing Brain Fog (11 mins)
13) Clearing Energy Around Others Judgements (10 mins)
14) Clearing Energy In The Feet (11 mins)
15) Activate Abundance (16 mins)

Plus 33 more! Click here for the full list.


Are these sessions for me?

Are you motivated to clear old emotions, beliefs, and patterns, but don't have the energy to do it alone? 

Amy is an expert at making this process simple, effective, and fun. You need no experience at all because Amy leads you through every step!

How it works:

Working with the body's energy system gives us a dynamic, gentle, and effective way to get to the how of healing.

These energy therapy audio sessions will help you neutralize and release old emotional baggage in order to instigate your own body's powerful self-healing ability.

Amy's Story

After years of struggling from debilitating and chronic illness...

I discovered answers to the important question:

Why do some people heal from emotional and physical issues while others don’t?

Accessing and balancing our energy system is key.

Since healing myself completely when doctors had given up all hope, I now help others do the same.


Lifetime Access: These powerful energy clearing sessions are all under 15 minutes, guided by Amy, and yours to keep forever!




48 Powerful Guided Audio MP3 Sessions

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