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Feeling Safe: How to release Emotional and Physical Toxins for Optimal Wellbeing

with Amy B. Scher & Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, MD


Turning inward is something that is often the last thing we ever think to do but it is so important. To improve or protect your immune system is to look at what's going on inside your body. This is something that often works when nothing else does.

Watch Amy and Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, M.D. talk about this in-depth in this 1-hour talk on Feeling Safe: How to release Emotional and Physical Toxins for Optimal Wellbeing.

Your Body Is Your Ally with Stephanie Michele

Amy talks to Stephanie Michele of the Relatable radio show about how embracing the “woo woo” can help you, why it’s ok to not be ok sometimes, my thoughts on medication and medical treatment, and why murder is never a good idea (seriously!)

Optimizing Wellness with Energy Therapy - Amy meets Scott, The Better Health Guy!

In this discussion, Amy and Scott talk about the impacts of mental and emotional factors in chronic illness.

Amy discusses her own Lyme disease, her journey to India for stem cells, and how she became a sought-after energy therapy practitioner.

How To Use EFT the Simple, Amy Way!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a great tool for releasing emotional imbalances. But people can get easily overwhelmed when learning it. Not with me!

In 20 minutes, you'll learn what EFT is, how to use it, and feel comfortable implementing it into your life.


Amy B. Scher Discusses Healing on Your Health TV Program

Amy B. Scher, author of "This Is How I Save My Life" and mind-body-spirit expert discusses energy therapy. What's it about and why do we need it? Find out why it might just be the missing piece in your emotional and physical healing.


Jenny Rush and Amy B. Scher discuss healing from Chronic Lyme Disease

Amy's journey through severe chronic illness culminated in a healing that was far deeper and broader than the physical body, and is what brought her into sustainable wellness and wellbeing. Amy shares what worked for her and how she guides clients through their own processes of healing (not limited to illness).

The Healing Journey with Chris Grosso

In episode 10 of The Healing Journey web series, Amy and Chris Grosso begin by discussing Amy’s healing journey, which includes Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, nerve damage, endometriosis and more.

Discussing Lyme disease, healing, and hope – with Jamie Rautenberg of The Daily Infusion

Amy and Jamie Rautenberg discuss the transformative healing that occurs when we're brave enough to explore the energy we hold within us and how we can allow its release in order for us to reach alignment, balance, & peace within our being, no matter what we may be going through or how desperate the situation may appear.

Women Who Give, Give, Give - with Lexi Koch

In this interview series, Lexi Koch and Amy discuss how they are giving of their hearts to this world AND how they take care of themselves in the midst of all that output.

Amy's Q&A Series

I Answer Your Questions Each Week!

"What can I do to boost my energy?"

Fatigue is a common complaint I help clients with. Here's a 2-minute trick for more energy.

"What are your favorite healing books?"

People ask me all the time what my favorite healing books are. In this video, I show you!

"How can I stop taking things so personally?"

I love this topic and cover it in detail in my new book, How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can.

"How Do I Prevent Emotions From Getting Stuck in my Body?"

How do we prevent new stuff from getting stuck? Here are my 3 simple rules.

"How Can I Hold Onto My Personal Power?"

These two energy clearing tricks will help you stay grounding in YOUR own feeling of power so you can stay on your path.

"How Do I Know If My Symptoms are From Energetic Blockages?"

Are all physical symptoms linked to energy blockages? How do I know what is caused by what? Let's find out!

"How Can I Stop Worrying?"

In this video, we'll look at how to free yourself from worry.

"How Can I Protect Myself From 'Energy Vampires'?"

Many people feel drained when they are in the presence of others. Here are 3 easy tips for protecting yourself from these 'Energy Vampires'.

"How Do I Find My Life's Purpose?"

As we start to move into healing, this question often comes up as the 'next big thing' to figure out.

"How Can I Calm Myself Down When I'm Around Other People?"

Here we address an excellent question: "I know how to calm myself down when I'm alone -- but what about if I'm in a business meeting or around other people?"

"How Can I Practice Staying Present When I'm Feeling Sick & Miserable?"

In this Q&A, we'll look at 3 easy techniques for staying present even when you feel sick & miserable.

"Are We Ever Really "Healed"?"

This Q&A delves into the question: "Are we ever really healed or does this process go on for our whole lives? When are we "done"?"

"What Are Some Tools To Deal With Anxiety?"

This question comes from someone who asked: "Did you have anxiety and if so, how did you deal with it?"

"Do I Have To Fix Everything In Order to Heal?"

This question: "Do I have to clear all my emotional issues in order to heal completely?" is a GREAT one. Let's find out!

"What is "Letting Go" and "How Do I Do It?"

I talk a lot about "letting go" as an essential part of the healing process. In this video I cover what it means, and how to actually do it.


I’m Amy B. Scher, author, speaker and energy therapist


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