You Should Fire Your Doctor If …

Uncategorized May 13, 2017

Working with clients every day, I regularly hear that people’s doctors have told them this: “You are the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, read on.

Knowing what I now know about healing, and from being a practitioner myself, I’d fire any doctor who told me that. Why?

  • Because this sets you up for struggle
  • Because there is absolutely no reason to tell you this, even if it’s true
  • Because this is not helpful, hopeful, or necessary
  • Because this sends the message to your cells that this is going to be difficult, that you are broken, fragile, and that your doctor sees your situation as that
  • Because that immediately encourages fear (“they haven’t even helped anyone like me” or “what if they can’t help me?”)
  • Because it often reconfirms negative energy from your childhood: “I’m always the difficult one, I’m not worth it, it’s too hard to help me, I’m bad or defective…”
  • Because it automatically sets you up to feel like it’s a long road to healing and while it might turn out to be that way, starting off with that expectation is tiring and disheartening

Your doctor may have good intentions. In fact, I’m sure they do. For instance, he or she may be saying it to help confirm for you why you feel how you feel; or simply imply the healing path might be a long one. But, there are many other ways to say these things, which wouldn’t be detrimental to you and your healing journey.

In my book, How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, I teach readers how to clear harmful beliefs. Some of the common beliefs I’ve seen block the healing process completely are things like “no one can help me” and “I’m too sick to heal.” We come up with soooo many silly beliefs on our own that block our healing potential. The last thing we need is someone else’s harmful beliefs or negative perspectives about our situation influencing our healing. Especially if we’re paying good money for it – he he.

A doctor/patient dynamic is a powerful one. Make sure you’re choosing a situation that lifts you up and sends the message to your cells that you can and will heal. Find a partner who sees you as having more potential than you see for yourself so that when you’re down, they are there to tell you that you are less complicated and further on the healing path than you feel. Hooray! Can you feel the difference that THAT kind of energy would lend to your healing?

Cheers to sending only the biggest, brightest messages to every cell in your body,


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