You Are Okay: How To Calm Post Election Emotions & Anxiety

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2017

Change is scary, I know.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of you who are scared, upset, and feel like your whole world is changing because of the election results. There is so much post election emotion and anxiety right now. So, I want to attempt to make this a tiny bit better for you.

Will you let me? Ok, cool! Here we go…

Here’s what I think you should try:

1. Calm Your Nervous System

Don’t lose your power. Don’t hate the world and your fellow voters and everyone now who has you feeling this way. Do not victimize yourself by allowing your whole life to be overturned by something external. And I want to note here that I say this as a person whose personal life may be directly affected by this election result, too (I have one of those pesky “gay marriages” many people don’t like). So I do understand. But, you will not feel better if you ruin your own life or inner peace by pointing to someone else who seems to be ruining it. It just won’t work.

Do this: Here is a super quick video that will teach you to calm your nervous system and keep your power. Woohoo! Do it over and over if you need to. And every day.

2. Make a Decision

The world is being shaken up and we have a call to grow and transform with it. What feels better to YOU to do in the shake up? Is it to turn to hate and fear and victimization? Or is it to find the place in your that can see the light? Only you can decide. But I suggest you make your choice quickly and then gravitate to others who have decided the same. This will help immensely.

Do this: Decide what feels best to you and find your people. I’ll be one of them if you’re ready to feel good.

3. Jump on the Change Train and Use It

Big shifts come from great chaos; internal and external. In everything in my life that I labeled “bad,” something transformative has always come from it. That doesn’t mean I’d choose it, but it means I’ve used it. I will admit that I don’t like this change that’s happening. But, I’m going to use the energy of change for my own good. I’m gonna jump on the “change train” and release more of my own fear, grief, and whatever else has been hiding. Emotional upset is the perfect time for releasing.

I’m throwing out every ounce of kindness toward those who really need it now – including myself – and am determined to help make good things and transformations come from this time.

Do this: EFT is a phenomenal way to calm your body down, shift your thinking, and ground yourself. You can learn it super fast with me and get other tools and techniques on this page of free stuff on my site.

4. Understand This Super Important Thing

No matter what is going on with the world, we can always make it feel less terrible by seeing it as less terrible. Look for the light. Find the good around you – the people who you align with, the things that help you feel safe, and maybe, if you need to…turn off the news, which is always magnifying and highlighting the things we are afraid of without the contrast of the good things we still have.

Do this: Find three good things. Right now. Even if you have to stretch your mind to the south pole and back.

You’ve got this!

And all my love,



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